SEACMEQ Co-ordinating Centre (SCC)

SEACMEQ’s daily operational activities are managed by the SEACMEQ Coordinating Centre (SCC) which is headed by the SEACMEQ Executive Director. Other members of the SCC Team are the Technical Manager,Programme Assistant,Finance and Administration Officer and Information Technology Technician . The SEACMEQ Coordinating Centre provides administrative and technical support for the SEACMEQ National Research Coordinators and their Deputies. The SEACMEQ Coordinating Centre also works with partners to obtain funding for the cross-national co-operative components of SEACMEQ’s research and training programmes. These components include: training workshops; technical inputs to sampling and measurement requirements; the production of specialized software systems for sampling, data analysis, and data cleaning; the design and production of technical and field manuals; and meetings of the SEACMEQ Scientific and Measurement Committees.